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Reflected XSS at LockHeed Martin site

According to the annual tradition I publish a little bit information about LockHeed Martin site security :) It’s just an XSS as the result of several additional web security problems.

XSS exists when you send POST request with an empty body request due to improper Java exception handling (javax.jcr.AccessDeniedException) and incorrect handling of HTTP request methods (HTTP Verb Tampering). For exploitation of the vulnerability you must to spoof the Referer header.



HTTP verb tampering

XSS in Referer header


JBoss 3.2.8.GA information disclosure vulnerability (

One more example of bad logging function realisation in JBoss (value of variable pwd is placed in logfiles as a plaintext when SQLException appears):

088 public Connection getConnection()
089 {
099 catch (SQLException e)
100 {
101 reportAndRethrowError("Failed to get connection for url=" + url + ", user=" + usr + ", password=" + pwd, e);

pwd = config.getJdbcPassword();


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